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Get Everything You Need in the SOMM TV Store

Get Everything You Need in the SOMM TV Store


Flaunt your passion for wine (and SOMM TV) on your clothing, accessories, and in your home. The SOMM TV store has a range of merchandise available to show your love for both SOMM TV and wine. 

Some of our most popular products feature the SOMM TV logo including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and tote bags. There’s something for everyone. But if that’s not your style we have a range of wine-catered quotes on products, including a mug reading “Coffee keeps me busy until it’s time to drink wine”.

Wine Art Products

Alongside the SOMM TV branded products, some of the most sought after products feature Brandon Wise’s wine art. Brandon is Jason’s brother, and the two share their passion for the arts in very different ways. Brandon with India ink and acrylic paints, Jason with a camera and a computer, producing the SOMM TV content. 

Beautifully painted wine bottles and glasses fill the canvas of beach towels and tote bags, coffee mugs and phone cases. Grab a laptop case to protect your device in style, or pick a poster to display on your wall. Continue the trend throughout the home with wine art cushions, and pick your favorite side of either white wine or red wine.

Canvas Wine Bags

SOMM TV - Canvas Wine Bags

The most recent addition to the SOMM TV store is the canvas wine bag. It’s perfect for a game of Blinders to keep the wine bottle hidden and is a huge, and stylish, step up from the liquor store paper bag. The bags made their debut in Season 3 of Blind Tasting Sessions and after an abundance of requests and compliments, we brought them on to the online store. Perfect to go with the gift of wine, or with the next round of SOMM Blinders Game.

To shop the merchandise, including the blind wine tasting card game, SOMM Blinders, head to Use code SOMM_STORE for 15% off sitewide.

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