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Perfectly Plan Your Next Napa Valley Trip With the Cuvée App

Perfectly Plan Your Next Napa Valley Trip With the Cuvée App

Cuvée app

Imagine standing in Napa Valley, surrounded by endless rows of vineyards. It sounds dreamy. But with so many choices, it’s easy to feel a bit lost in the grapevines. Fear not, because the Cuvée app is like having a savvy wine-loving friend in your pocket, ready to dish out all the best recommendations. With over 100 wineries and a whopping 300 tasting experiences, Cuvée doesn’t just point you in the right direction — it practically plans your entire trip.

A New Way To Travel and Book Tastings

It’s no secret that Napa Valley is suffering in the tourism department these days. “Tourism is slow right now,” says Cuvée app CEO Andrew Allison on a recent SOMM TV Podcast episode. “Visitations to tasting rooms are down, and we are looking for new ways to bring customers to Napa.”

According to a mid-2023 report from the City of Napa, occupancy trends were down 7% compared to 2022. While the average rate for a Napa hotel was slightly less from the previous year, it’s still 30% more than pre-Covid rates. “Napa shot itself in the foot with pricing. Hotel rooms dictate a lot of that funnel; they’ve priced out a lot of mid-market consumers,” says Allison. 

The Cuvée app was released in January of this year and is a result of trying to get people to Napa again. Allison says the app “focuses on the primary ways people like to discover.” He explains, “Are they looking for food and wine pairings? Places to take kids or dog-friendly? What are the places that people want to discover?” Cuvée curates experiences tailored precisely to the user’s preferences.  

How the Cuvée App Works

Cuveé is an answer to providing recommendations based on specific input. The app offers an easy way to book tastings and other experiences, like hot air balloon rides, the Napa wine train, or renting a bike to pedal up and down the wine trail.

Additionally, users can identify and search, narrowing results based on time and date preference and availability for group size. Whether seeking out a quaint boutique estate or a renowned vineyard, Cuveé can assemble the perfect Napa Valley escapade.

Daniele Delgrosso, CTO and chief design officer, further emphasizes Cuveé’s commitment to effortless planning, saying, “We aimed to craft an elegant, all-in-one app that made planning specifically tailored wine experiences effortless.”

Download the Cuvée app from the iOS App Store and immerse yourself in Napa Valley, your way.

Cuvée app

Image courtesy of Cuvée

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