Are you looking for the best wine to gift? Or favorites wines from the SOMM TV Cast? SOMM TV Picks gives specific bottle recommendations for every style and occasion.

New world wines
Jonah Beer Picks: Top 5 New World Wines for the Old World Wine Lover

Far too often, people pit Old World wines against New World wines. Some perceive the…

best biodynamic wines
Claire Coppi Picks: Top 5 Biodynamic Wines

There are many controversial topics in the wine world, and one of the most divisive…

Prosecco Rosé
Matthew Kaner Picks: Top 5 Prosecco Rosé

For an industry built on history and tradition, it’s refreshing when something new comes along.…

food-worthy sparkling wines
Meghan Zobeck Picks: Top 5 Food-Worthy Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wine often gets the reputation of needing a specific or celebratory occasion to imbibe.…

wine in a can
Matthew Kaner Picks: Top 5 Wine in a Can

Wine in a can is perfect for summer in its 250mL packaging, looking crisp and…