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Editor Picks: 6 Outstanding Thanksgiving Wines for Your Celebration Feast

Editor Picks: 6 Outstanding Thanksgiving Wines for Your Celebration Feast

thanksgiving wines

As exciting as Thanksgiving is, it can induce some stress. Between creating a menu free from family members’ food allergies and hauling extra folding chairs from the crawl space for everyone to sit, more than a handful of overlooked tasks land on the host. However, one of the more exciting undertakings is selecting the Thanksgiving wines. While it might seem daunting to please everyone’s palates, Thanksgiving is one of the easier holiday feasts to pair, particularly if abiding by the mantra “the best wine to pair with a dish is a wine you enjoy drinking.”

You can still choose wines that pair well with the classics, however. Picture a table adorned with the season’s bounty: succulent turkey, savory stuffing, velvety mashed potatoes, and tangy cranberry sauce. Imagine enhancing each delectable bite with the perfect sip. From refined reds harmonizing with the robust flavors of roasted meats to crisp whites cutting through the richness of creamy side dishes, our selections guarantee to take out the guesswork and impress both novices and seasoned wine enthusiasts alike.

thanksgiving wines


Brut Reserve

Champagne, France


If you’re reserving your Champagne budget for a single holiday, make it Thanksgiving. Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne is the epitome of festive indulgence; not only is it a great way to toast as an aperitif, but it often goes with most foods. Sparkling wine is high in acidity, which is critical for cutting through rich and creamy dishes.

Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve Champagne is a blend of 30% Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims and the Grande Vallée de la Marne, 30% Chardonnay sourced from the Champagne region’s finest Crus, and 40% Meunier from the Vallée de la Marne and the southern slopes of Epernay. The addition of 50% to 60% reserve wines contributes to its depth and complexity. With an aging process of 30 months on lees, this Champagne achieves a perfect balance of lightness, texture, and elegance.

Dr. Konstantin Frank

Eugenia Dry Riesling 2021

Finger Lakes, USA


Much like our pal, Champagne, Riesling also has high acidity, making it the perfect light and refreshing companion to most rich Thanksgiving dishes, like sweet potato casserole or sausage stuffing with gravy.

The Dr. Konstantin Frank Eugenia Dry Riesling 2021 is a tribute to the winemaker’s wife. Sourced from a single plot in the Keuka vineyards with old vines growing in high shale content, this Riesling is a testament to the pioneering spirit of winemaking in the 1950s in the Finger Lakes region of New York.

The wine’s pristine shale minerality is delicately hinted with notes of fresh lime, ripe green apple, and nectarine. Its lean and lively profile and tart fruit impart briskness and drive, creating an enriching flavor experience.

thanksgiving wines

Eugenio Collavini

Broy 2019

Collio DOC, Italy


Careful not to serve wine too full-bodied or heavily oaked that overpowers the food, Eugenio Collavini strikes the perfect balance of freshness and body with Broy 2019. “Broy” derives from “broili,” small vegetable gardens that once surrounded Friulian houses, underscoring the wine’s historical roots.

The meticulous winemaking process involves Friulano (50%) and Chardonnay (40%) partially drying in the fruit cellar while Sauvignon Blanc (10%) undergoes a separate, controlled fermentation process. The blend of these three musts results in a wine that ferments in steel, third-passage barriques, and tonneaux. The wine boasts ripe tropical fruit aromas with floral undertones and a medium body with striking freshness and minerality, perfect with sides such as green bean salad or Brussels sprout slaw.

thanksgiving wines

Château La Coste

“Château” Rosé 2022

Provence, France


We know by now that rosé is a year-round option, but a thanksgiving wine pairing? In fact, it’s a sure-fire winner, particularly versions from Provence that are crisp, refreshing, and citrus-forward — it’s the gold standard for matching with food.

Bringing a touch of Provençal elegance to the table, Château La Coste’s “Château” Rosé is a well-balanced delight, offering a symphony of aromas including citrus, peach, pear, and exotic fruits. This beautifully textured wine is a versatile companion for Thanksgiving, harmonizing with sides like a leafy green salad with blue cheese and mandarin slices or parmesan-crusted roasted squash.

thanksgiving wines


Jamsheed Pinot Noir 2015

McMinnville AVA, USA


When it comes to selecting the perfect red wine for Thanksgiving dinner, look no further than Pinot Noir. It’s arguably the most classic wine for the autumnal feast, and for good reason. Its tart, tangy red fruit notes are the perfect complement to cranberry sauce. It also has savory and earthy notes that make your mouth water alongside succulent roasted turkey and herb-infused stuffing. 

Willamette Valley’s Maysara Winery is top on our list, having recently been included in the latest SOMM film, Cup of Salvation. Back vintages also appeared SOMM TV’s Top Wines of 2022

The Jamsheed Pinot Noir is an exceptional bottle that seamlessly harmonizes with the multitude of flavors on the Thanksgiving table. With soft tannins, subtle spiciness, and an elegant profile, it elevates the entire dining experience. It’s a standout choice for this cherished feast.

Mission Hill Family Estate

Oculus Red Blend 2019

Okanagan Valley, Canada


There are always exceptions to traditional menus, which is why I’d be remiss not to include a big, bold red for those placing pork roast, lamb, or beef tenderloin at the center of the table instead of turkey.

From Okanagan Valley, Mission Hill’s Bordeaux-stye blend, Oculus, adds a unique and memorable dimension to the meal. Comprising Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Petit Verdot from warm Osoyoos vineyards, its rich and complex profile features notes of dark berries, cassis, and hints of spice in a striking label-less bottle.

Its velvety tannins, elegant structure, and bold character add a layer of sophistication to the celebration, offering a truly memorable experience.

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