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SOMM: Cup of Salvation: New and Returning Cast Revealed

SOMM: Cup of Salvation: New and Returning Cast Revealed

SOMM: Cup of Salvation cast

The world of wine is buzzing with excitement as the release of SOMM: Cup of Salvation, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed SOMM documentary series, draws near. This eagerly anticipated film, directed by Jason Wise, promises to take viewers on a captivating and enthralling wine journey. Building on the success of its predecessors, SOMM, SOMM: Into the Bottle, and SOMM 3, this new instalment is expected to deliver an even more profound and engaging exploration of wine culture.

SOMM: Cup of Salvation plunges headfirst into the labyrinthine history of wine, unearthing its profound connection to religion, politics, war, and family. The celebrated visionaries behind the SOMM documentary series and other James Beard Award winning films masterfully weave wine’s ancient genesis with a breathtaking, real-life odyssey of an American winemaker’s dangerous journey back to her homeland.

From the rugged, battle-scarred Caucus Mountains to the clandestine vineyards hidden deep within the forbidden Iranian countryside, this captivating opus unveils the primal origins of our enduring passion for wine and how it continues to shape human existence. Consequently, brace yourself for a gripping journey redefining your perception of wine’s extraordinary power.

The fourth installment of the SOMM documentary series brings back some familiar faces from the previous films, including Dustin Wilson, DLynn Proctor, and Sabato Sagaria, who have become household names among wine enthusiasts. Their expertise and unique personalities have contributed significantly to the series’ success. Moreover, the film introduces new faces that reveal a story never told.

SOMM: Cup of Salvation hits theatres in October. For tickets, find a theatre or email to host a screening in your city.

SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast

Vahe Keushguerian - SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast
Aimee Keushguerian - SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast
Jonathan Alpeyrie - SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast

Returning SOMM Films Cast

Dustin Wilson - SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast
DLynn Proctor - SOMM: Cup of Salvation Cast

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