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The Most-Watched Videos That Dropped on SOMM TV in 2023

The Most-Watched Videos That Dropped on SOMM TV in 2023

SOMM TV has solidified itself as the go-to destination for wine aficionados seeking a perfect blend of education and entertainment. Amidst the curated collection of content, the top ten videos that premiered on SOMM TV in 2023 stand out.

From expert tastings that dissect the nuances of rare vintages to exclusive interviews with master sommeliers, each video presents a unique opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of the wine world. These episodes and films offer a virtual journey through vineyards, cellars, and the minds of industry experts.

So, grab your favorite glass, uncork a bottle, and join us in revisiting the year’s most-watched SOMM TV videos — a toast to a year of knowledge, discovery, and the unparalleled joy of experiencing wine through the lens of SOMM TV.

A Conversation with Dustin Wilson

Dustin Wilson - SOMM TV videos in 2023

Since appearing in the first SOMM film, Dustin Wilson has become one of the most influential restauranteurs, created one of NYC’s most important wine shops, and inspired many to follow a path into wine. In this conversation, Dustin Wilson and Jason Wise unpack a decade of feelings about the wine business, the Court of Master Sommeliers, and how to maintain happiness in the wine industry.

The World’s Most Extreme Vineyards

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the world’s most extreme vineyards. From dizzying mountain slopes to rugged terrains, immerse yourself in the these extraordinary vineyards, where grapes thrive against all odds, crafting wines that tell tales of resilience.

BYOB: Muscadet

This crisp white wine from the Loire Valley in France is one of the great bargains in wine. Learn everything you need to know to bring Muscadet anywhere and sound like an expert.

Chef’s Notebook: Mozzarella

Chef's Notebook - SOMM TV videos in 2023

SOMM TV travels outside of Rome, Italy, to give you unprecedented access to the ancient process of making artisanal Mozzarella cheese. Master Sommelier and restauranteur Sabato Sagaria also tells you what to drink with this eponymous cheese.

Behind the Glass: Ross Knoll Vineyard

Look behind the curtain of this extraordinary Sebastopol vineyard, built on a dream by Diane Carpenter. From the first stakes in the ground to 90+ point ratings, watch the seven year journey of Ross Knoll Vineyard.

Blind Tasting Sessions: Erin Di Costanzo and Audra Naumann

Napa Valley vintners Erin Di Costanzo and Audra Naumann face off in a riveting blind tasting session. With palates finely tuned, they examine iconic bottles, revealing the artistry and skill behind each sip.

Drink a Bottle: Claire Coppi & Meghan Zobeck

Napa winemaker Meghan Zobeck and sommelier Claire Coppi drink an extremely rare 1979 vintage of Burgess Cellars Cabernet.

Tournament of Bubbles

Tournament of Bubbles - SOMM TV videos in 2023

Four culinary professionals compete in an impossible blind-tasting challenge filmed at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen. Which of these highly trained pros takes home a rare six-liter bottle of sparkling wine and claims the bubble champion title?

The Oyster Farmer

The Oyster Farmer - SOMM TV videos in 2023

A lobster fisherman risks everything to start an oyster farm. This strange animal’s history, ecology, and culinary uses are more tied to humans than he could have imagined.

Inheriting the Future: A Closer Look at Bourgogne

In this SOMM TV original film, take a closer look at the next generation of Bourgogne, France. Defining the greatest wine in the world for centuries does not mean that you cannot embrace the future, and the winemakers of tomorrow in the storied region of Bourgogne are ready for the challenge.

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