Tokaj vineyard

How Hungarian History Is Shaping Sweet, Dry, and Sparkling Wine in Tokaj

Hungary has survived war, occupation, division, and Phylloxera. Resilient by nature, this small, landlocked country sits on ancient, complex, volcanic soils. Its moderately cool climate receives adequate to sometimes excessive rainfall, with…



The Only Classic Margarita Recipe You’ll Need for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a rather peculiar holiday. Many Americans hit up their local liquor store searching for authentic tequila or Mexican cerveza to help celebrate what many assume is Mexican Independence…

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Cienega Valley

The Cienega Valley Soil Secret That Gifts Affordable Bourgogne-Style Wines

As Bourgogne wine prices continue to skyrocket, consumers search for more affordable options elsewhere. Unfortunately, few wine regions contain Bourgogne’s trademark limestone soils. But one wine region in California’s San Benito County does. Nestled…


wine apps

Barolos to Blockchains: Fine Wine Is Embracing Big Tech

The wine world is notoriously analog. For us oenophiles, that’s the draw: nuances, aromas, and lore simply can’t be translated onto a webpage or condensed into an Instagram post — it’s a…


Lost Art of Butchery: Braising and Grilling Inspired by The Whole Animal

True butchery, once a cornerstone of small towns across America and the world, is quickly becoming a lost art. In many of our grandparents’ generation, if you asked, “do you know a…


reusable glass bottles

These Reusable Glass Bottle Programs Help Solidify a Circular Eco-Solution

The glass bottle is the most significant contributor to carbon emissions in the wine industry. The manufacture of glass is very energy-intensive. Empty glass bottles ship worldwide from the manufacturer to the winery and…