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SOMM TV Picks: 9 Best Wine Gifts of 2023

SOMM TV Picks: 9 Best Wine Gifts of 2023

best wine gifts of 2023

In the sea of holiday gift guides flooding your screen, we’re here to make your 2023 shopping a breeze. Navigating the perfect gift for vino lovers can be as tricky as pairing red wine with fish. Fear not — we’re here with a selection of the best wine gifts of 2023 that go beyond the usual bottle.

Not to state the obvious (but we will anyway), gifting a subscription to SOMM TV is top on our list. Because let’s face it, the joy of discovering new weekly episodes about wine, food, and travel is akin to unwrapping a present every time.

However, for those wanting something to put under the tree, we’ve combed the internet to bring you the most valuable and worthy options — from budget-friendly finds to splurge-worthy selections.

So, buckle up as we uncork the top contenders for the best wine gifts of the year!

SOMM Blinders Card Game

best wine gifts of 2023 - Blinders card game

Kicking things off with something familiar, the Blinders wine tasting card game is a fun and strategic game, blurring the lines between entertainment and education.

What sets Blinders apart is its pedigree — the creators of the SOMM film series have woven their expertise into every card, making it a must-have for those seeking a deeper understanding of the world of wine.

The object is to earn points by correctly matching your cards to the wine in each round. After tasting all the wines, the person with the most points wins the game, while the lowest points earner cleans the spit bucket. Uncork, shuffle, and let the tasting games begin!

Napa Valley Then & Now

by Kelli A. White

“Napa Valley: Then and Now” is a captivating exploration of the evolution of Napa Valley’s wine culture. What sets White’s work apart is her meticulous research and insider perspective, having been a sommelier and wine director. The juxtaposition of historical anecdotes with modern developments paints a vivid picture of Napa’s evolution, including the passion that fuels its wine community.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a history buff, White’s exploration provides a compelling glimpse into Napa Valley’s soul.

This highly coveted book is now available after several years of being out of print. On the ordering page, White stipulates that this reprint is just that: no updates or changes have been made.

Gabriel-Glas Stemware

Gabriel-Glas Stemware is an absolute game-changer for any wine enthusiast. Crafted with precision, these glasses seamlessly blend form and function by using a single piece of molten crystal blown into the signature bowl shape. The stem is pulled, and the footplate is formed, all without any joints, seams, or glues.

Whether sipping a robust red or a delicate white, these glasses enhance the nuances of every pour. The carefully engineered shape directs the aromas straight to your senses, ensuring each sip is a multisensory adventure.

Gabriel-Glas Stemware is not just a gift; it’s a toast to taste. These glasses become the pièce de résistance every time a bottle opens.

Matthiasson Wine Club

A Matthiasson wine club membership is an invitation to embark on a sensory journey curated by visionary winemaker Steve Matthiasson.

With access to limited-production releases and unique expressions like the 2018 Cabernet from Dead Fred Vineyard (left), membership provides an ongoing exploration of fine wines and is a testament to the enduring allure of artisanal craftsmanship.

In addition to priority access, membership includes two shipments per year (April and October) and complimentary tastings at the winery and virtually. The cherry on top? All members get a free 12-month subscription to SOMM TV!

Flannery Beef Gift Card

The perfect pairing extends beyond the bottle, which is why gifting a Flannery Beef gift card is a stroke of culinary genius for any gift giver. Imagine savoring a perfectly grilled ribeye alongside a bold Cabernet Sauvignon or complementing a delicate Pinot Noir with the tenderness of a filet mignon.

With a Flannery Beef gift card, the wine lover in your life can curate a culinary symphony, elevating their next dining occasion to extraordinary heights.

Vinarmour: Wine Travel Case

best wine gifts of 2023 - Vinarmour Travel Case

After appearing on last year’s list, the Vinarmour wine travel bag makes a triumphant return. This carrier remains a steadfast companion for oenophiles who refuse to compromise on quality, even on the go, safeguarding bottles with remarkable protection.

In a world where travel meets taste, each case is a testament to the lasting appeal of thoughtful design, integrating Scottish waxed cotton and Horween® Leather.

Some gifts are worth repeating, and the Vinarmour wine travel bag is undoubtedly one of them.

Outdoor Wine Glass Covers

The outdoor wine glass covers emerge as the unsung heroes of alfresco sipping. At a picnic or on the patio, these covers protect your wine from unwanted elements. No more worrying about leaves or insects interfering with your wine experience.

What makes these covers an ingenious gift is their simplicity and effectiveness. They feature a weighted stainless-steel screen, preventing it from blowing off and also allowing the wine to aerate. Food-grade silicone surrounds the screen, gripping the glass and serving as a small snack plate in a pinch.

SOMM: Cup of Salvation 4-Pack

best wine gifts of 2023 - Cup of Salvation 4-pack

Available exclusively from Storica Wines, this 4-pack features bottles from the most recent SOMM film, Cup of Salvation. This quartet is more than just a set of wines — it’s a voyage through Armenian wine history and culture.

Embark on a vinous journey, exploring the nuances of varietals meticulously selected to reflect the richness of Armenian winemaking traditions.

The SOMM: Cup of Salvation 4-pack features Keush Rosé Cuvée Couchanne 2018, Keush Origins, Zulal Areni 2018, and Zulal Voskehat 2020. 

Donate to an Organization

In the ever-evolving landscape of the wine industry, one of the most impactful gifts transcends the material — donating to organizations championing diversity and representation in wine.

Supporting initiatives that uplift underrepresented individuals in the wine world is not just a gift; it’s a commitment to fostering a more inclusive and vibrant vinous community.

By contributing to organizations dedicated to amplifying the voices of minorities and marginalized groups in the wine industry, you’re investing in a future where everyone has a seat at the table.

Organizations to donate to:

  • The Roots Fund: Since its foundation in 2020, the organization has raised over a half million dollars and created more than 100 scholarships that will bring years of change and equity into the wine industry.
  • Wine Unify: Welcome. Elevate. Amplify. Wine Unify triumphs diversity in the wine industry through education, mentorship, and outreach.
  • Cal Poly Scholarship Fund: California Community Foundation supports Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) students at Cal Poly who are pursuing a career in wine and viticulture. This scholarship program provides financial support and mentorship and internship opportunities to help set the student up for a successful career in the wine industry.

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