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What to Watch in 2024: SOMM TV’s Ultimate Drinks Calendar

What to Watch in 2024: SOMM TV’s Ultimate Drinks Calendar

ultimate drinks calendar

In a world brimming with drinks holidays, from National Margarita Day to Oktoberfest, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of possibilities. Fear not! We’ve got your back with an exclusive guide that not only navigates through the myriad of festivities but elevates your experience to new heights. Welcome to the ultimate drinks calendar, a rendezvous of taste, where SOMM TV, SOMM TV Magazine, and SOMM TV Podcast are your trusted companions.

Now, we know that the amount of wine and drinks holidays can get out of hand; we don’t expect you to celebrate everything. Know that our ultimate drinks calendar focuses on what we know best: wine. But we also know that people like other things, so we’ve kept in a sprinkling of spirit holidays amidst classic cocktail celebrations as well.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, beer enthusiast, or a mixology maven, something extraordinary awaits you each month. Imagine having a front-row seat to episodes, articles, and podcasts, where you’re not just getting a tutorial but an immersive experience led by industry experts, passionate enthusiasts, and charismatic hosts.

Let SOMM TV be your entertainment guide and source of liquid wisdom through 2024. The Ultimate Drinks Calendar is not just a roadmap to indulgence — it’s an invitation to savor, learn, and celebrate all year.

Use the menu below to take you directly to your month of choice.


SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

As the new year unfolds, the cold January weather welcomes us with a myriad of warm cocktail holidays, with Hot Toddy Day, Hot Buttered Rum Day, and Irish Coffee Day, all within two weeks. Of course, Dry January also provides an opportunity to opt out of ABV indulgences and replace them with low or no-alcohol options. No matter your preference, it’s a quiet month, readying you for a year of revelry.

January 1: Bloody Mary Day

💡 Fact: Bloody Mary and Caesar are similar, but there’s one distinct difference. While they both have a vodka base, Bloody Marys feature tomato juice, while Caesars use Clamato, a combination of clam and tomato juice.

January 11: Hot Toddy Day
January 17: Hot Buttered Rum Day

🎞️ Holiday Cocktails

January 25: Irish Coffee Day
January 27: International Port Wine Day

📖 Why Port Production Is Down, but Its Quality Is Up

January 31: Brandy Alexander Day

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

As the world paints itself in shades of love, February invites us to celebrate Furmint (the grape that makes Tokaji), International Syrah Day (although Shiraz Day is in July), and a rather unnecessary National Drink Wine Day. February is also Black History Month, the perfect chance to seek out Black-owned wine brands or bottles made by Black winemakers.

February 1: International Furmint Day

🎞️ Tasting Notes: Furmint
🎧 Furmint

February 3: International Pisco Sour Day
February 10: Lunar New Year

📖 8 Must-Try Lunar New Year Food and Wine Pairings

February 11: Super Bowl

🎞️ BYOB: Super Bowl Wines
🎧 Wine and Football

February 13: Mardi Gras
February 14: Valentine’s Day

🎞️ Valentine’s Day Collection
📖 Responsible Valentine’s Gifting: Lux Champagne Without Waste

February 16: International Syrah Day

🎞️ International Syrah Day Collection

February 18: National Drink Wine Day
February 22: National Margarita Day

📖 5 Thirst-Quenching Facts About the Margarita

February 24: Open That Bottle Night

🎞️ Open That Bottle Night Collection
📖 SOMM TV Picks: 5 Wines for ‘Open That Bottle Night’

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

As spring blossoms, March introduces a symphony of flavors in the world of wines and cocktails. In addition to Riesling Day and Vermouth Day, the U.S. wine industry also recognizes Washington Wine Month.

March 3: Irish Whiskey Day, Mulled Wine Day, Moscow Mule Day

🎞️ Holiday Cocktails

March 5: National Absinthe Day

🎞️ A Conversation about Absinthe
🎧 Absinthe

March 8: International Women’s Day

🎞️ Strong Women in Wine & Food Collection

March 13: International Riesling Day

🎞️ International Riesling Day Collection
📖 The Essential Guide to German Riesling
🎧 Riesling Day

March 15: Espresso Martini Day
March 17: St. Patrick’s Day

📖 7 Festive St. Patrick’s Day Drinks That Aren’t Beer
🎧 Talk Guinness To Me

March 21: World Vermouth Day

🎞️ Vermouth with Jeff Porter
🎧 The Case for Vermouth

March 24: National Cocktail Day

🎞️ Cocktail Day Collection
🎧 Cocktail Time Machine
🎧 Tiki Cocktails

March 27: International Whiskey Day

💡 Fact: International Whiskey Day honors the diverse world of whiskey spelled with an ‘e’, including American-produced varieties such as bourbon, rye, and Tennessee, in addition to expressions from Ireland.

March 31: Easter

📖 Skip the Ham, Try This Non-Traditional Easter Dinner Menu

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

In the spirit of Earth Month, April calls for a toast to sustainable practices and eco-friendly libations. Raise a glass to wines from biodynamic vineyards, particularly from Sonoma, as Sonoma County celebrates its wine month.

April 7: National Beer Day
April 14: Tannat Day

💡 Fact: Tannat is a bold red wine grape, historically grown in South West France. Tannat wine is typically dry with a full body, astringent tannins, and moderately high acidity.

April 17: Malbec World Day

🎞️ Malbec World Day Collection
📖 Fascinating Facts About Malbec World Day
🎧 The World According to Malbec

April 19: National Amaretto Day
April 21: National Tea Day

📖 How a Mug of Rooibos Tea May Revolutionize Winemaking

April 22: Earth Day

🎞️ Vine to Wine: Earth Month Collection
📖 Maryam Ahmed Picks: 5 Sustainable Wine Options for Earth Month
🎧 Sustainable Farming

April 22 to April 30: Passover

📖 A Traditional Passover Seder and the Role of Kosher Wine

April 26: International Viognier Day

🎞️ A Closer Look at Condrieu
🎧 Viognier Showdown

April 27: World Marselan Day

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI), along with Oregon and Michigan Wine Months. Grape holidays focus on white varieties. Also, no ultimate drinks calendar is complete without a nod to the Judgment of Paris, which sees the 48th anniversary of the revolutionary tasting at the end of the month.

May 4: Kentucky Derby
May 5: Cinco de Mayo

🎞️ At Home | Cinco De Mayo with Sabato Sagaria
📖 The Only Classic Margarita Recipe You’ll Need for Cinco De Mayo
🎧 Cinco de Mayo

May 6: International Sauvignon Blanc Day

🎞️ International Sauvignon Blanc Day Collection
📖 Sauvignon Blanc: Get To Know This Popular White Grape Variety

May 7: National Cosmopolitan Day
May 9: World Moscato Day, National Moscato Day

🎞️ BYOB: Utah Moscato

May 12: Mother’s Day

📖 4 Moms on SOMM TV Who Shape the Wine Industry

May 13: World Cocktail Day

🎞️ Cocktail Day Collection
🎧 Cocktail Time Machine
🎧 Tiki Cocktails

May 17: National Pinot Grigio Day

🎞️ A Closer Look at Alto Adige: Part 2
📖 Pinot Grigio: 4 Things To Know About The Pink-Skinned Grape

May 18: World Whisky Day

💡 Fact: World Whisky Day celebrates versions without the ‘e’, referring to Scotch, Canadian, or Japanese expressions.

May 20: National Mimosa Day
May 22: World Paloma Day

💡 Fact: The Paloma is a tequila-based cocktail with tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit-flavored soda. It’s served on the rocks with a lime wedge with optional salt on the rim of the glass.

May 23: Chardonnay Day

🎞️ Chardonnay Day Collection
📖 Chardonnay: The World’s Most Popular White Wine Grape

May 24: Anniversary of the Judgment of Paris

🎞️ The Judgment of Paris collection
📖 ‘Bottle Shock’ Versus What Actually Happened During the Judgment of Paris

May 25: National Wine Day

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

With the arrival of summer, June invites us to relish not one but two rosé celebrations (one is national, the other is international). We also recognize Pride Month and Juneteenth alongside celebrations ranging from Chenin Blanc Day to Lambrusco Day.

June 3: National Cider Day

🎞️ At Home | Considering Cider with Brian McClintic
📖 What Is Hard Cider? A Guide to How Its Made and Various Styles
🎧 Considering Cider

June 4: National Cognac Day

🎞️ The Art of Blending (Cognac)

June 8: International Drink Chenin Blanc Day, World Gin Day, National Rosé Day

🎞️ BYOB: Vouvray
📖 A Guide to Chenin Blanc and Its High Acidity Versatility

📖 8 Delicious Gin Cocktails That Aren’t Gin and Tonic

🎞️ Rosé All Summer Collection
📖 The Best Red Grapes For Making Rosé Wine
📖 37 Celebrity Rosé Wines for Summer

June 9: World Verdejo Day
June 14: National Bourbon Day

📖 A Simple Bourbon Guide for Casual Drinkers

June 16: Father’s Day

🎞️ Father’s Day Collection

June 19: Juneteenth, National Martini Day
June 21: World Lambrusco Day

🎞️ Rimessa Pairings Clip: Lambrusco

June 28: International Rosé Day

🎞️ Rosé All Summer Collection
📖 The Best Red Grapes For Making Rosé Wine
📖 37 Celebrity Rosé Wines for Summer

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

As fireworks light up the sky, July celebrations spotlight sparkling wines and refreshing cocktails, in addition to Bastille Day in France.

First week of July: Sparkling Wine Week

🎞️ Sparklers (Season 1)
📖 How To Tackle Blind Tasting Sparkling Wine Like a Pro
🎧 Oregon Sparkling

July 4: Independence Day

🎞️ 4th of July Pairings

July 10: Piña Colada Day
July 11: National Mojito Day

💡The Mojito’s history traces back to 16th-century Cuba, where the concoction of lime, sugarcane, mint, and aguardiente (a distilled Latin American liquor) was created. It’s believed that notorious pirate Frances Drake was the first to create it in an attempt to cure scurvy. 

July 12: International Cava Day

📖 Cava vs Corpinnat vs Clàssic Penedès: Demystifying Spanish Sparkling Wine

July 14: Bastille Day

🎞️ Bastille Day Collection
📖 Celebrate Bastille Day With a Simple French Picnic Feast

July 19: National Daiquiri Day
July 24: National Tequila Day

🎞️ Agave: The Spirit Of A Nation

July 25: National Wine and Cheese Day, Shiraz Day

🎞️ Wine & Cheese Pairings Collection
📖 10 American Wine and Cheese Pairings Inspired by the Old World

July 27: National Scotch Day

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

August is the month to channel vineyard vibes and embrace the richness of wine culture with holidays for grapes ranging from Albariño to Cabernet (Franc & Sauvignon), along with the more generic white wine and red wine celebrations.

August 1: Albariño Day

🎞️ Albariño Day Collection
🎞️ BYOB: Albariño
📖 Albariño: The Flagship White Grape of Northwest Spain

August 3: National IPA Day

💡IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale or India Pale Ale, a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale. The style originated when brewers would add hops to preserve beer during long voyages to India, imparting a distinctive bitterness. Today’s IPAs are diverse, ranging from citrusy and floral to bold and hop-forward.

August 4: National White Wine Day
August 13: National Prosecco Day

🎞️ National Prosecco Day Collection

August 16: National Rum Day
August 18: International Pinot Noir Day

🎞️ Pinot Noir Day Collection
📖 Pinot Noir: Get To Know This Important Grape
🎧 I Dream of Pinot

August 25: Whiskey Sour Day

💡The whiskey sour includes whiskey (often bourbon), lemon juice, sugar, and optionally, a dash of egg white.

August 28: National Red Wine Day
August 30: International Cabernet Sauvignon Day, Mai Tai Day

🎞️ International Cabernet Day Collection
📖 Cabernet Sauvignon: The King of Red Grapes
🎧 Mayacamas

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

Embrace the richness of reds in September with Chianti Day and Grenache Day, not to mention the reds of California for California Wine Month. For effervescent fans, September 1st celebrates South Africa’s bubbly — Cap Classique.

September 1: International Cap Classique Day

💡 Fact: Cap Classique is a sparkling wine made in South Africa using the traditional method (the same method as Champagne).

September 2: Labor Day (U.S.)
September 6: National Chianti Day

🎞️ A Closer Look at Tuscany: Part 3
🎞️ BYOB: Chianti
📖 Understanding Chianti vs Chianti Classico Through Their Tangled Pasts
📖 How a Black Rooster Became a Symbol for Quality Wine From Chianti Classico

September 10: National Port Wine Day

📖 Why Port Production Is Down, but Its Quality Is Up

September 15: National Crème de Menthe Day
September 20: International Grenache Day

🎞️ International Grenache Day Collection
📖 Grenache: The Hero Grape of Hot Climates

September 21 to October 6: Oktoberfest

🎧 Oktoberfest

September 28: National Drink Beer Day
September 30: National Hot Mulled Cider Day

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

October presents a myriad of spirits, both ghostly and in your glass, with Vodka Day, Mezcal Day, and Gin & Tonic Day. Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Texas celebrate their wine months. Champagne also sees the first of its two celebrations (the second being on NYE).

October 1: International Coffee Day, World Sake Day

🎞️ Coffee with Jeff Porter
📖 7 Similarities Between Wine and Coffee You Need To Know
🎧 Coffee

October 4: National Vodka Day

💡 Fact: Vodka is a neutral spirit originating from grains or potatoes. Known for its versatility, vodka blends seamlessly into countless cocktails, its clean taste and smooth texture making it a staple.

October 5: International Scottish Gin Day
October 6: National Orange Wine Day

🎞️ An Intro to Orange Wine
📖 Macerated White Wine vs Orange Wine in Friuli Venezia Giulia

October 12: International Pinotage Day

📖 Pinotage: South Africa’s Flagship Grape Variety

October 19: International Gin & Tonic Day
October 21: National Mezcal Day

💡 Fact: Mezcal is a broad category of spirits made from agave (tequila being a small subset of mezcal). It’s crafted by roasting the agave hearts over open fires, infusing the spirit with a distinctive smokiness.

October 22: Austrian Sekt Day
October 25: Global Champagne Day

🎞️ Travel to Champagne with SOMM TV
📖 Champagne 101
🎧 Champagne with Julia Coney

October 27: National American Beer Day
October 31: International Carignan Day, Halloween

🎞️ Halloween Pairings
🎧 The Halloween Episode
🎧 Horror Films & Drinks

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

Red grape varieties are the focus of November celebrations, from Greece’s Xinomavro to Chile’s Carménère to Spain’s Tempranillo. The theme of red grapes delivers a lovely way to try a plethora of new wines before Thanksgiving arrives on November 28th.

November 1: International Xinomavro Day
November 7: International Merlot Day

🎞️ Celebrating International Merlot Day Collection
📖 Merlot: Essential Things to Know

November 14: International Tempranillo Day

🎞️ International Tempranillo Day Collection

November 17: National Zinfandel Day

🎞️ National Zinfandel Day Collection
📖 Transforming Lodi Zinfandel, A Journey From Cloyingly Sweet To Thoughtfully Balanced
🎧 A Zinfandel Story

November 21: Beaujolais Nouveau Day

📖 6 Things to Know About Beaujolais Nouveau

November 24: International Carménère Day

📖 Carménère: A French-Born Chilean Wine Gem

November 28: Thanksgiving (U.S.)

🎞️ Celebrate Thanksgiving with SOMM TV
📖 Editor Picks: 6 Outstanding Thanksgiving Wines for Your Celebration Feast
🎧 Thanksgiving Wines
🎧 Alternate Thanksgivings

SOMM TV's Ultimate Drinks Calendar

As the year draws to a close, December calls for a festive finish with a little bit of everything, from celebratory cocktails to Tokaj Aszú to the perfect Champagne finale. Let your drinks bring cheer and sparkle to the year’s final days.

December 4: Cabernet Franc Day

📖 Cabernet Franc: Discover the Parent Grape of Bordeaux

December 5: Prohibition Repeal Day (U.S.)

🎧 Repeal Day

December 10: International Tokaj Aszú Day

📖 Do We Still Need to Know What Puttonyos Are?

December 14: National Screwdriver Day
December 16: Pinot Meunier Day

💡 Fact: Pinot Meunier is best known for its key role in Champagne. Often overshadowed by Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it adds vibrancy and approachability to blends. Renowned for quick maturation, it contributes to the delightful complexity of many Champagne styles.

December 20: National Sangria Day
December 25: Christmas Day

🎞️ Christmas Cookie Pairings

December 25 to January 2: Hanukkah

🎞️ Hanukkah Pairings

December 31: National Champagne Day

🎞️ Travel to Champagne with SOMM TV
📖 Champagne 101
🎧 Champagne with Julia Coney

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