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Celebrate LGBTQ+ With These 3 Pride Cocktails

Celebrate LGBTQ+ With These 3 Pride Cocktails

pride cocktails

Nothing says Pride like bright colors, tropical vibes, and edible glitter, which is why pride cocktails are such an inspiring way to celebrate Pride Month. For June, Burger & Lobster locations in New York are serving up its Pours for Pride menu, which sees $1 from each specialty cocktail purchased going to the Hetrick-Martin Institute

The pride cocktail menu collaboration comes from award-winning Mixologist Fanny Chu (@lilfannyfoofu) and popular food Influencer Sal DiBenedetto (@thegrubfather). They say coming out of the pandemic was a big reason for creating the initiative. “Coming into one of the biggest Pride months since 2019, the collaboration with Burger & Lobster and Sal was an easy yes,” says Chu. “Doing an initiative like Pours for Pride is an important step in continuing to gain awareness for the LGBTQ+ community.” 

For DiBenedetto, bridging the hospitality industry and a cause close to his heart spurred his inspiration. “It blends several things I’m passionate about, great cocktails, pride in being part of the LGBTQ community, and being able to translate hospitality into a great cause.”

Burger & Lobster is offering three pride cocktails through June. They are also sharing the recipes for those not in the New York area but still wanting to celebrate. “I’m amped for everyone to try these awesome creations that pack a flavor punch,” says DiBenedetto.

Sal DiBenedetto and Fanny Chu / Photo by Eric Vitale

If you’re celebrating Pride Month with these creations at home, consider bolstering the Pours for Pride initiative by donating to the Hetrick-Martin Institute. The New York City-based non-profit organization serves the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning youth between the ages of 13 and 24 and their families.

To support an organization in your area, visit this extensive list. Or, visit for a list of national organizations.

Let’s Have a Kiki Colada

pride cocktails
Photo by Eric Vitale
1.5 oz Bacardi Premium Ocho Rum
0.1 oz Coco Mix
0.5 oz Giffard Blue Curacao
0.5 oz Giffard Peach
0.5 oz lemon juice
1. Measure all ingredients into a shaker.
2. Add a handful of pebble ice, whip shake until you don’t hear ice. 
3. Pour into a double rocks glass.
3. Garnish with an umbrella, orchid, and edible glitter.

Queer as a Cucumber

pride cocktails
Photo by Eric Vitale
1.5 oz Tequila Cazadores Silver
0.75 oz fresh lime juice
0.5 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
0.25 oz Agave
4 cucumber coins
Guijillo salt (a pinch and for half rim)
1. Put 4 cucumber coins in a shaker and add a pinch of Guijillo salt, then muddle.
2. Measure and pour everything into a shaker. Add ice, and seal a shaker. 
3. Half-rim your glassware and fill with ice.
4. Shake the shaker hard for 8 seconds, then fine strain into single rocks glass.
5. Garnish with a long slice of cucumber.

Dancing Queen

pride cocktails
Photo by Eric Vitale
2 oz Grey Goose Essence Watermelon Basil
0.5 oz Martini & Rossi Fiero
0.25 oz simple syrup
0.25 oz lemon juice
Fever Tree Ginger-Ale
1. Measure everything but the Ginger ale and pour into a shaker.
2. Add ice, give it a short shake, and strain into a Collins or highball glass.
3. Top up with Fever-Tree Ginger-Ale.
4. Garnish with a sunshine lemon wheel.

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