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Maryam Ahmed Picks: 5 Sustainable Wine Options for Earth Month

Maryam Ahmed Picks: 5 Sustainable Wine Options for Earth Month

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April is Earth Month, a time to focus on the health of our communities, our planet, and its future. However, making sustainable wines is a year-round effort for many in the industry. As wine lovers and professionals, we’re mindful of the impact of wine packaging and shipping, not to mention the positive benefits of organic and biodynamic farming. But there is so much more that can move the needle towards a healthier planet.

These winemakers are more than mindful of being kind to our planet. They take action by focusing on creating healthy communities and a more sustainable future for the wine world.

Natural Action Wine Club

With a mission to educate, inspire, and affect change within the industry, Natural Action Wine Club is a natural wine club. Proceeds from the 501(c)3 nonprofit go toward education, exposure, and career paths for BIPOC students in the wine industry. An incredible group of wine pros founded the club. Its winery partners commit to sustainable farming methods, ethical treatment of farm workers, concerted diversity and inclusivity efforts, and opportunities for the BIPOC community.

Since 2020, the club has released 16 wines and one Natural Action Selection made by the founding members, with more on the way. This club is a great place to start if you’re looking for a wine club to join and want to make a difference. 

RAEN Winery

RAEN Winery is the creation of brothers Dante and Carlo Mondavi and is tethered to the influential lineage of both Robert and Tim Mondavi. The name of the winery, pronounced “rain,” translates to Research in Agriculture and Enology Naturally, a mantra that reflects their winery’s commitment and ethos.

The brothers aim to honor their forefathers’ devotion to farming and their impact on California wine, especially Pinot Noir. The vineyards sit within the Pacific-influenced Sonoma Coast AVA. Sign up for the mailing list to access an immediate offering and try the Fort Ross Seaview Sea Field Pinot Noir if you get the chance.

Wine for the People

In Austin, Texas, winemaker Rae Wilson believes that sustainability is an overall ethos, not just in the vineyard and cellar but in employee relations and operations. Wine for the People prioritizes community and transparency in their work to build a sustainable business. They work with grower partners to ensure fair farmworker pay and working conditions. As they build awareness for their wine-growing region, they commit to promoting health in every aspect, respecting the land and the hands that work it, and contributing to a more equitable future in Texas. Try the newly released Dandy Rosé.

Forge Cellars

Located in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Forge Cellars offers dry Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Franc from Seneca Lake. The small winery farms and produces everything by hand with the goal of letting the wines speak for themselves. The wines undergo spontaneous fermentation, which is a long, slow process in this cool climate region. When the wines are ready, the team tastes through hundreds of small fermentations showcasing sixteen unique vineyard sites from East Seneca. After tasting, they face the decision of choosing which wines to proceed with for the vintage. In this way, the wines are less made than they are discovered. Catch a sunset from the patio of the salon next time you’re visiting. Try the 2020 Wagner Caywood East Dry Riesling for a delicious expression of lakeside terroir.    


Nomadica, a canned wine company curated by sommelier and founder Kristin Olszewski, is committed to sustainable winemaking and packaging. Using cans means fewer emissions when it comes to shipping the vino. Nomadica sources sustainably farmed California fruit, focusing on grapes that tend to make fresh and vibrant wines. Try the Barbera! It’s easy to pack, so take it on an April hike or outdoor adventure in honor of Mother Nature.

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