Claire Coppi

Claire Coppi is a host and the Wine Communications Manager at SOMM TV. She's also a Certified Sommelier through the CMS and holds an Advanced Degree in Wine through WSET.

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bbq wine pairings
Claire Coppi Picks: 6 Wines to Bring to a BBQ

Summer is just around the corner, and with rising temperatures comes one of the most…

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I Won a Competitive Cooking Show and My Biggest Takeaway Has Nothing To Do With Food

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Claire Coppi Picks: 5 Lesser-Known Light Red Wines Not To Overlook

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traditional method sparkling wines
Claire Coppi Picks: 5 Traditional Method Sparkling Wines (That Aren’t Champagne!)

The sight of a glass filling with sparkling wine never ceases to delight. For centuries,…

thanksgiving wines 2021
Claire Coppi Picks: 5 Thanksgiving Wines 2021

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you, our SOMM TV family! It’s been an odd and challenging…

Cellar Starter Wines
Claire Coppi Picks: 5 Wines To Start a Cellar

Where, oh where to start when selecting wines to start a cellar? The world of…

best biodynamic wines
Claire Coppi Picks: 5 Biodynamic Wines

There are many controversial topics in the wine world, and one of the most divisive…