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The Best Father’s Day Gift for a Wine-Loving Dad

The Best Father’s Day Gift for a Wine-Loving Dad

Father's Day gift

We agree that dads are tough to buy for. More often than not, he buys what he wants when he wants it. And even if he offers a few ideas, like a new barbecue or set of golf clubs, it’s often outside most people’s comfortable budgets. So, where does that leave us? We like to avoid the kitschy personalized beer koozies and beard-trimming kits. Those types of things can get the job done – but they don’t exactly scream thoughtful or personal. That’s why we’re sharing a sure-fire Father’s Day gift idea – particularly for a dad with a penchant for food and wine.

Gift a SOMM TV Subscription for Unbelievable Access

The best food and wine stories are a click away. A subscription to SOMM TV is the answer for any Pinot-loving history buff who lives for armchair travel. 

For the dad who loves stories, SOMM TV delves into bottles from more than a century ago. A father with a soft spot for family will appreciate episodes focusing on multi-generational producers. And for the eternal learners who reach for an encyclopedia or textbook instead of Google, a subscription to SOMM TV includes wine education from the industry’s top sommeliers. 

Consistent New Content

The hard-working production team at SOMM TV delivers new series throughout the year, with fresh episodes every week. Subscribers also have access to the original SOMM documentaries, plus new feature films, like the James Beard Award-winning film, The Whole Animal, directed by Jason Wise.

Exclusive to SOMM TV, the anticipated fourth film in the SOMM series is coming. Eight thousand years in the making, the next chapter dives into what wine truly means to human history. From the birthplace of wine in the Caucus Mountains, this film explores the crossroads of wine, religion, and conflict.

Drool-Worthy Food Pairings

Wine without food is like salt without pepper or peanut butter without jam. Fret not. SOMM TV is the spot to find decadent food content to round out your (or your dad’s) palate.

SOMM TV created a food and wine competition unlike any other in SPARKLERS. The series stars Claire CoppiMatthew KanerMaryam Ahmen, George Walker III, and Meghan Zobeck. Nominated for a James Beard Award, the series features head-to-head competitors matching unconventional ingredients with some of our favorite bottles of sparkling wine.

And later this year, SOMM TV will be premiering Pairings, a never-before-seen look at the minds of the sommeliers and chefs that make the world’s best restaurants.

A Father’s Day Gift of SOMM TV

Whether it was your plan all along or you need a last-minute Father’s Day gift, the gift of SOMM TV is easy and immediate. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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