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Conn Creek NFT From Cuvée Collective Drops October 20th

Conn Creek NFT From Cuvée Collective Drops October 20th

Conn Creek Winery NFT
This article is brought to you in partnership with Cuvée Collective.

Since 1973, Conn Creek Winery has been establishing itself as one of Napa Valley’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon producers. It continues to build a reputation for excellence in selecting and blending the best vineyard sites and small lots. Their portfolio is a composition of wines that express the unique characteristics of each distinct growing region.

Part of that unique expertise is how the Conn Creek Winery NFT became the latest in the Cuvée Collective series. Benefits include a special Barrel Blending Experience where NFT holders get to create six bottles of a distinctive blend. The outcome is a discovery of how aging impacts wine.

The NFT wine club is the result of Cuvée Collective working with Dapper Labs on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is renowned as the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and Crypto Kitties.

As part of the release, SOMM TV is partnering with Cuvée Collective to give wine enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the Wine NFT experience.

About Conn Creek Winery

Conn Creek Winery specializes in producing appellation-specific Cabernet Sauvignon from each of the 16 distinct growing regions within Napa Valley. For wine aficionados and newcomers alike, a discovery of wines from different areas highlights how geography, microclimates, and soil impact wine.

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