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SOMM Blinders Game: The Blind Wine Tasting Card Game

SOMM Blinders Game: The Blind Wine Tasting Card Game

SOMM Blinders Game - Hand of Cards

The team behind the SOMM films and SOMM TV has delivered documentaries and an entire streaming network. Most recently, they released the first-ever blind wine tasting card game – SOMM Blinders Game.

The Origins of SOMM Blinders – The Blind Wine Tasting Card Game

During the filming of the first SOMM documentary, the team experienced a deep dive into the mind-blowing world of blind wine tasting. As a result, they discovered that blind tasting is extremely difficult. But they also realized that it can be strangely fun, particularly when done in a relaxed environment surrounded by family or friends. 

Throughout the first SOMM film, future Master Sommeliers swirl, sniff and sip their way to hone in on the correct variety, region, and vintage of a wine. Only one correct answer can be delivered from thousands of potential possibilities. At that level, candidates can effortlessly determine a Chardonnay from Napa versus a white Bourgogne. It’s also expected that with one sip they can identify a specific vineyard site on a certain slope within a specific region – without hesitation! 

Because of this, there’s a level of intimidation surrounding blind tasting. But the team behind the films wanted a way to bring the art of blind tasting to the regular world. Thus, SOMM Blinders Game was born. 

How SOMM Blinders Game Works

Currently, there are three different decks available to play. The Original Deck hosts a suite of eight wines – four red and four white – to play with. While the Red and White decks each host six. Each deck has nearly 100 playing cards. With 50 tasting note cards plus cards to help identify the wine region, the strength of acidity, tannin level, whether the wine has been aged in oak, and others, you will walk away from a game having learnt something.

Each descriptor card provides the possible wine you could be drinking if a particular flavor or characteristic is present. This allows someone who knows very little about wine to play and enjoy, and come away even having learnt something. But it’s not limited to wine newbies, sommeliers can compete against others and still walk away at a loss. Blind wine tasting is one of the most difficult skills to keep up to scratch. Blinders keeps you learning, and makes it fun.

Still not convinced? Watch the clip below and read the rules, it may be the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life (including yourself). Use code SOMM_MAG for 30% off decks. 

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