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How Much Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Costs in 16 Countries

How Much Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Costs in 16 Countries

Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc

When it comes to New Zealand wines, one brand stands out for its vibrant flavors, familiar label, and vast accessibility: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. The wine has grown to be one of the most recognizable wines worldwide, providing an intriguing exercise in comparing and contrasting its pricing across different countries. This bottle, specifically, can help draft a tale of global wine commerce.

Established in 1996 by Kim and Erica Crawford, the label took the wine scene by storm, showcasing a quintessential New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc flavor profile. With a twist-off cap for easy access and a brand essence committed to simplicity, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc is all about enjoyment. 

Fast forward to 1998, and Kim Crawford’s wines first touched American soil, unleashing a wave of enthusiasm to make it the top-selling New Zealand wine. 

Even today, more than 25 years on, New Zealand producers continue to clamor to help fulfil America’s (and the world’s) thirst for Sauvignon Blanc. For example, in the past nine years, the country’s plantings of the grape grew from 20,497 ha (50,649 acres) to 27,084 ha (66,926 acres). According to the New Zealand Winegrowers 2023 annual report, the grape constitutes over 65% of the country’s total production.

In 2006, Constellation Brands swooped in, acquiring Kim Crawford Wines and continuing its global distribution growth. But with such worldwide success comes scrutiny of the complexities influencing a wine bottle’s price tag. From Asia to Europe to North America, burdens like taxes, import duties, and distribution costs show their true colors in a comparison of retail prices. 

As Kim Crawford Wines soon enters its third decade, we dive into the varying price points of this Kiwi mainstay. By spanning different corners of the globe, we can assemble a puzzle of global wine economics.

Editor’s note: Prices are stated in USD per conversions by, using each country’s average retail price (750ml bottle) over the past year. Also, despite their prominence as wine-producing countries, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc retail prices were unavailable in Spain, Portugal, Chile, and Argentina. 

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc Retail Prices

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc global prices 2024

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