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Movies on SOMM TV You Can Rent or Buy (Without Subscribing)

Movies on SOMM TV You Can Rent or Buy (Without Subscribing)

movies on somm tv

Looking for something to watch tonight? If you’re an eager wine lover, curious foodie, or enthusiastic traveler, SOMM TV is the place that ticks all three boxes. However, we understand that committing to another subscription can be daunting, even for things you love, like wine, food, and travel. That’s why we make watching movies on SOMM TV easy for everyone, even those without a subscription.

SOMM TV is your gateway to a wide selection of engaging films available for rent or purchase, so you can dive into these captivating stories without any commitment. These films highlight the passion and dedication behind winemaking, culinary arts, and much more.

With these options, you can enjoy the best of SOMM TV without a subscription. Each film is available for rent or purchase, allowing you to watch what you want when you want. Perfect for a cozy night in, these movies will transport you to the heart of wine, food, and culture.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience high-quality content tailored to your interests. So, grab your favorite snack, settle in, and explore these fantastic and award-winning movies on SOMM TV.

Movies on SOMM TV You Can Rent or Buy

movies on SOMM TV

SOMM: Cup of Salvation

Winner of the 2024 James Beard Award for Visual Media – Long Form, SOMM: Cup of Salvation follows a father and daughter who confront war to show what wine means to humankind.

movies on SOMM TV

The Delicacy

This documentary explores the world of sea urchin divers, revealing their risky, meticulous work harvesting this prized delicacy and the environmental challenges threatening this gourmet treasure.


Decanted follows the beginnings of a new winery seen through the eyes of elite Napa Valley winemakers in this small but highly revered wine region. The story analyzes what kind of person it takes to enter this well-established arena.

movies on SOMM TV

The Whole Animal

Winner of a 2023 James Beard Award, this documentary takes viewers to five countries, teaching us as much about our food and respecting the entire animal as it does about the cultures that made it.

movies on SOMM TV

Verticals: Lafite Rothschild

Open to cameras for the very first time, the story of Lafite Rothschild told by Baron Rothschild and Saskia Rothschild through significant vintages that represent the beginning, the triumphs, the hard work, and the personal tragedies — all to show the human condition in a bottle of wine.

Gelinaz! A Secret Meeting of Chefs

GELINAZ! follows a group of worldwide culinary luminaries who believe in universal sharing and wish to express themselves collectively beyond meritocracy and classified roles. It aims to bridge food and art, putting cutting-edge and playful ways of exploring uncharted fields of expression in motion.

Brewmore Baltimore

Chronicling the rich history of the brewing industry in Baltimore, MD, and narrated by two historians and beer enthusiasts, Maureen O’Prey and Rob Kasper, this movie looks at local businesses, home brewers, and organizations preserving Baltimore’s brewing history.

Agave: The Spirit Of A Nation

In Mexico, families have passed down the tradition of distilling agave for generations. Discover how one plant can carry the weight of a culture and the people trying to protect it.

Verticals: Napa Valley Film Festival Presentation

The NVFF Premiere of Verticals features three episodes together for the first time: Corison, Schramsberg, and Lagier Meredith. Deep dive into Napa Valley’s most fascinating and iconic winemakers and wineries.

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