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SOMM TV Podcast: Spices

SOMM TV Podcast: Spices

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In this episode of the SOMM TV Podcast, Jason Wise speaks with Sarah Thomas. As a sommelier, SOMM 3 cast member, and author of Kalamata’s Kitchen, Thomas lends us a unique perspective on some of the world’s most common spices.

As an author, Thomas draws upon her experience growing up as a first generation American who is born to Indian immigrants. She creates a world of culinary adventures for children. Her stories inspire young people to be more inquisitive about food and more thoughtful about gastronomic adventures.

We got to know Thomas in a previous podcast. But in this episode about spices, Wise and Thomas explore the way spices grow. They also dive into their storied histories of cultivation and trade. Highlights include different types of pepper that come from one tree, the shape of nutmeg, and the nests of cinnamon.

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