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Glass For Every Palate Podcast: Arthur Murray

Glass For Every Palate Podcast: Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray

In this episode of A Glass For Every Palate podcast, Shakera Jones chats with Arthur Murray, President of Flambeaux Wine. Together, they discuss his journey from environmental law to wine, the Sonoma fires, and the theme of family.

Flambeaux Wine began in 2014 by the Murray family. The three generations consist of grandparents Pattie and Steve, their son Art, his wife Nicole, and their four daughters. They bring the celebratory culture that thrives in New Orleans to each bottle of their wine.

Flambeaux Wine spans five vineyards in Sonoma Country, California. Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma Valley were started in 2014 and produce Cabernet Sauvignon. The Flambeaux Sonoma Coast Chardonnay grows in two different vineyards owned by the Sangiacomo family – Kiser and Roberts Road. And finally, the Redwood Hill Vineyard produces the 2016 single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon.

Are you curious what the Flambeaux name means? The word comes from the French word “flambe“, meaning “flame”. Since the mid-1850s, Bedouin traders would carry flaming torches to light the poorly-lit streets during New Orleans Mardi Gras celebrations. Today, the streets have electricity, but the Flambeaux continue to march. They delight the crowds, dancing and twirling, during each New Orleans Carnival. 

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