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Cooking With Wine: Provence, Grenache Rosé

Cooking With Wine: Provence, Grenache Rosé

cooking with wine Provence

Cooking With Wine is on SOMM TV and features renowned chef Kate Hill as she cooks through the regions of France. With over 30 years of experience and teaching students from all over the world, episode 3 features Kate taking viewers on a culinary journey to Provence. Create Oven Roasted Lamb and Artichokes, Glazed with Rosé de Provence at home with the recipe below. 

Summer days living under the Provençal sun are reflected in the growth of its grapes bound for those bottles of pale chilled rosé wine, sometimes called ‘vin de soif’- or thirst quenchers. But, rosé wine is often more intricate than given credit, especially in bottles from Provence. The terroir produces a complex Grenache-based wine to add to a Provençal inspired dish of lamb (cooked outside), artichokes, preserved lemons and olives.

Kate Hill Cooking with Wine
Kate Hill at Camont

I love using my little terracotta Portuguese beehive oven for baking meats and vegetables here at Camont. I grill over the coals or nestle a pan into the burning wood. As the heat gradually declines, cooking the lamb more slowly, I have greater control over the final medium or medium-rare result. By layering a bed of vegetables on the bottom (in this case, young purple artichokes) the lamb shoulder is raised which allows the meat juices to drip onto the vegetables. ‘Cooking with Wine’ here is a simple technique; baste the roasting lamb with rosé. The wine offers a slightly fruity and spicy glaze; any excess drips into the roasting pan juices cooking the artichokes, lemons and olives. The two-part cooking–roasting meat on top and baking/steaming vegetables on the bottom– is a straightforward approach. This recipe works well in a standard kitchen oven as well.

Ingredients for Agneau et Artichauts Glacé au Rosé de Provence

Agneau et Artichauts Glacé au Rosé de Provence

Wood Oven Roasted Lamb and Artichokes, Glazed with Rosé de Provence

  • Shoulder of lamb, bone-in or deboned
  • A bouquet of young artichokes, trimmed and split in half
  • 2 preserved lemons (citron confit is preserved in salt), sliced 
  • A handful of olives from Nyons or Nicoises olives
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  • A bottle of good rosé wine
  1. In an oven proof dish (I used a Spanish terracotta cazuela) pour a ½ glass of good olive oil, enough to cover the bottom.

2. Place the artichokes cut side down in the pan.

In this clip from Provence – Rosé, we prepare the artichokes.

3. Layer the lemons slices over the artichokes and add the olives.

4. Rub the lamb shoulder on all surfaces with olive oil and generously salt and pepper.

5. Place the lamb down over the vegetables.

6. Next, place in a hot oven (if not using a wood oven, set the temperature at 250°C / 500°F for 20 before turning down to 200°C / 400°F). 

7. Baste the lamb with the rosé every 10 minutes as it cooks. The rosé is making a fruit glaze on the crust, so just spoon it over a bit at a time, multiple times. Monitor the meat with a thermometer and pull it out when temperature reaches your desired doneness. 60°C / 140°F is medium-rare.

8. Remove the meat when it’s done and let sit for 10 minutes before serving. You can slice the meat separately and then serve with the artichokes and lemons. Finally, drizzle the pan juice over it all. 

Bon Appétit!

Agneau et Artichauts Glacé au Rosé de Provence

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