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Goosecross NFT From Cuvée Collective Dropping October 6th

Goosecross NFT From Cuvée Collective Dropping October 6th

This article is brought to you in partnership with Cuvée Collective.

For the past decade, family-owned and operated Goosecross Cellars has focused on thoughtfully crafted small production wines. Dave and Christi Ficeli run the day-to-day operations, with Bill Nancarrow as their winemaker. This fall, they enter a new era as they launch the Goosecross NFT on October 6th.

The Goosecross NFT is the third in a series of NFTs from Cuvée Collective. Benefits include an after-hours sunset tasting experience for the NFT holder and a guest, with the option to combine numerous NFTs to create a larger event. In addition, wine allocations feature the NFT artwork on the label, and virtual tastings with Goosecross leaders are also available.

The NFT wine club is the result of Cuvée Collective working with Dapper Labs on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is renowned as the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and Crypto Kitties.

As part of the release, SOMM TV is partnering with Cuvée Collective to give wine enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the Wine NFT experience.

About Goosecross

Goosecross Cellars sits at the true heart of Napa Valley. Located on the iconic State Lane in Yountville, Goosecross Cellars feels like an undiscovered oasis where time slows down. The genuine hospitality is palpable. It’s an ideal place for visitors and locals alike who are looking for an authentic Napa Valley experience. 

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