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Cuvée Collective Launches Second NFT with Massican

Cuvée Collective Launches Second NFT with Massican

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This article is brought to you in partnership with Cuvée Collective

If you know Napa wine, then you know Massican— the valley’s only white wine winery. Led by Dan Petroski, the owner and winemaker, the Massican portfolio comprises wines from organic and sustainably-farmed grapes such as Chardonnay, Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Greco, Pinot Blanc, and more.

The Massican NFT, available starting Monday, September 19th, is the second in a series of NFTs from Cuvée Collective. Benefits include virtual tastings with Petroski, wine allocation, and invitations to community events around the country.

The NFT wine club is the result of Cuvée Collective working with Dapper Labs on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is renowned as the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day and Crypto Kitties.

As part of the release, SOMM TV is partnering with Cuvée Collective to give wine enthusiasts a behind-the-scenes look at the Wine NFT experience.

About Massican

Massican produces Mediterranean-style white wines from Napa Valley & the greater California region. It is the passion project of the award-winning winemaker Dan Petroski. Massican is the go-to brand for refreshing, crisp, aromatic wines that you frequently and repeatedly reach for. Massican aims to be everywhere, from wine and brewing to publishing and bars in the metaverse. Winemaker Dan’s goal is to be accessible both at the price point of his wines and with his time.

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