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How Collective Napa Valley’s $2M Fundraising Goal Addresses Urgent Environmental Needs

How Collective Napa Valley’s $2M Fundraising Goal Addresses Urgent Environmental Needs

Collective Napa Valley
This article is written in partnership with Napa Valley Vintners.

Action is needed in the climate crisis facing California’s wine industry. Napa Valley Vintners releases annual vintage reports, ranging from epic fruit years to years remembered for low yields. The 2020 harvest remains one of the most challenging in history as two wildfires greatly impacted the region’s production.

Producers in the Napa Valley account for 4% of the state’s total wine production. Although a relatively low percentage, it is a crucial part of the economy, providing $9.4 billion locally and nearly $34 billion to the U.S. annually. Additionally, it creates 44,000 jobs in Napa County and about 190,000 nationwide.

Collective Napa Valley is raising funds through its Vintage Celebration, to address the most urgent wildfire and environmental stewardship efforts.

Vintage Celebration welcomes guests to experience tastings with legendary winemakers, some of wine country’s most beautiful vineyards, and — most importantly — play a part in the continued vitality of the Napa Valley. Proceeds from this year’s sold-out event and online donations will go toward protecting the Napa community through two vetted non-profit partners to address the valley’s most urgent efforts: fire prevention, mitigation, and restoration.

Where The Money Goes

With its $2 million goal, the nonprofit partners; Napa County Firewise Foundation and Napa County Resource Conservation District, will commit to the following:

  • Establish and maintain protective firebreaks across approximately 100 miles.
  • Restore forest health and resiliency by planting the right trees in the right places through the Million Trees Napa program. 

“For us to do a fire resiliency or to be fire resilient, we have to work together, from individual property owners, stakeholders and also working along with our fire department,” says Erick Hernandez from the Napa County Fire Marshal’s Office.

Arnulfo “Nufo” Solorio, partner at Silverado Farming, agrees. “This valley is worth saving. I mean, it is a jewel. It is a place that we love to work. It’s our home, our culture, the community that we have, the terroir that we have here, the climate, and the people that support each other. This is a home to live. I don’t see any other place like Napa.” 

Levels of contribution vary greatly – each playing an essential role in fire mitigation and reforestation efforts.  

  • A $100 contribution allows a drought-tolerant, heat-resistant seedling to be planted and monitored while it grows through state-of-the-art geo-tagging.
  • A $1,000 contribution allows five scholarships for students to intern at Napa County Resource Conversation District. Interns aid the shortage of forest management staff and the prospective future needs.
  • A $10,000 contribution allows the clearing and maintaining of one mile of firebreak around the most critical areas of Napa Valley.

About Collective Napa Valley

Collective Napa Valley is the philanthropic arm of Napa Valley Vintners. Over the past 40 years, Napa Valley Vintners has donated more than $225 million to its community non-profits. Most years have focused on strategic initiatives for health care and youth development.

With this year’s focus on wildfire and environmental stewardship efforts, Collective Napa Valley continues to clearly define and communicate where the funds go and create goodwill within the community. It also taps into new technology to offer virtual experiences to broaden consumer participation from anywhere in the world.

To donate to this year’s wildfire initiative, visit

To learn about the region’s 2022 vintage, watch the Napa Valley Vintners’ Vintage Report, available on SOMM TV. Check out the trailer below.

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