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Film Premieres From the Comfort of Your Home

Film Premieres From the Comfort of Your Home

SOMM film premiere

We’re all over the rise of virtual events; the act of getting dressed up to sit in front of a computer screen; or simply turning up in your pyjamas and leaving the camera off (or forgetting to, in some cases). Event experiences just aren’t what they used to be. But with the upcoming SOMM film premieres in 2022, SOMM TV is doing their best to provide a night to remember.

I had the pleasure of being an attendee at our virtual screening event in March 2021. With the opportunity to watch the Verticals episode featuring Paul Hobbs one evening, with a glass of his very wine in hand, I sat back and watched with my partner, knowing that 100 other people were doing the same thing.

Following the episode, we logged onto a ZOOM call to join the audience watching Jason Wise, Director of the episode, and Paul and Agustina Hobbs, the cast members we had just watched and fallen in love with. We had the opportunity to ask questions and hear from the renowned winemaker. We learnt more about his story and the creation of the episode, all while drinking his wine.

The virtual event allowed for people all over the country to watch and drink along. Over the past year, the way we do events has completely changed. People haven’t set foot in movie theatres and we miss the excitement of heading out to a show. But one good thing to come from this is that more people can enjoy events without needing to be in one location.

SOMM Film Premieres in 2022

SOMM TV has a number of feature films coming out this year including the much anticipated fourth film in the SOMM series: SOMM 4: Cup of Salvation. Other titles to look out for include The Whole Animal and The Judgment of Paris. 

In order to give the SOMM followers an experience of these films to remember, screening licenses are on offer. This will allow for people to host virtual or in-person screenings dependent on current COVID-19 restrictions. Whether a winery, a wine store, a wine club or anything else in the world of wine and food, it’s the opportunity to give your members and customers an event very different to what they’ve been experiencing over the past year. Include in the screening package some wine, maybe even a meal, and they’ll have a night to remember. 

In previous years, before lockdowns and restrictions, the SOMM film premieres sold out in venues across the world. There’s no reason this can’t happen this year, it’ll just be in a different setting to those in the past. 

Head to the SOMM TV website for more information on screening licenses.

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