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Watch SOMM TV’s “A Closer Look” for Wine Deep-Dives

Watch SOMM TV’s “A Closer Look” for Wine Deep-Dives

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From the Right Bank of Bordeaux to the Sonoma Coast in California to Alto Adige in Italy, A Closer Look on SOMM TV takes viewers on a visual journey of wine regions around the world with expert guidance from professionals who live there. A series perfect for those learning about wine or simply fueling their passion: each episode gets an in-depth look at specific grapes, history, geology and more in the world’s greatest wine regions. 

Explore the historic region of Alsace or take an inside look at Beaujolais with winemaker Alain Coudert. Discover the wines and regions of Washington State with Bob Betz MW. Learn more about Meursault, a commune in France that produces Chardonnay. Dive into the wines and areas of the Northern Rhone. Plus, the red wine Brunello di Montalcino from Italy.

There are more specific episodes, including a deep dive into biodynamic farming. We also take a closer look at grapes like Godello and Mencia, which grow in the northwestern part of Spain.

With nearly 30 episodes and more coming, there are single and multi-part episodes to give you the complete background. Get an inside look at Washington State in its three-part series. Explore Champagne in three episodes detailing the history of the region, the wines, and the difference between big Champagne houses and smaller grower producers. And don’t miss the three-part series on sherry, including its history, how different types are made, flavor profiles, and foods pair ideas.

How to Watch

A Closer Look will give you an inside look into some of the most renowned wine regions in the world. All without having to leave your couch. Use code SOMM_MAG for 50% off your first three months of SOMM TV and start watching now. 

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