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SOMM TV Film and Series Titles

SOMM TV is a delicious version of Netflix. It’s a drool-worthy and informative collection of food, wine, and travel stories aimed at entertaining everyone from general enthusiasts to connoisseurs, career-driven trade, or hospitality workers.

How SOMM TV Started

Our passionate team of wine-loving storytellers started our journey in 2012 with the creation of the SOMM documentary. Due to its success, we produced two subsequent films, and our dedication to the industry grew. 

Because of this, we created SOMM TV, a streaming channel where the original SOMM documentaries could live on. Plus, a realm of new films and shorter stories that are being shaped constantly, allowing us to deliver fresh videos to subscribers every week. 

The Food and Wine Stories You’ll See on SOMM TV

With a cast of sommeliers, world-class winemakers, and world-renowned wine critics, the stories are endless. SOMM TV invites you into a world where industry icons tell the stories that brought them into wine and share their career’s memorable bottles. See the vineyards of some of the most famous wineries in the world and never-before-seen footage of places you could only dream of visiting. 

SOMM TV offers wine recommendations through collections such as Weekly Wine with Shakera Jones. Study Hall with Master Sommelier Jill Zimorski is perfect for those studying in the industry, packed with helpful hints to improve your wine knowledge and get ready for those exams. To explore historical producers, explore Verticals, where insiders open bottles from memorable vintages. 

Who Can Subscribe to SOMM TV?

SOMM TV is for anyone who shares our passion for food, wine and travel. Whether you’re a student, working in the industry, or just a fan of wine, SOMM TV is the answer. Use code SOMM_MAG for 50% off your first three months on SOMM TV.

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