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Verticals Series

Verticals Series

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SOMM TV’s flagship series, Verticals, tells the history of a winery or winemaker through the vintages that defined them. In one episode, Jill and Steve Matthiasson open the first wine they ever made together back as students at Davis. In another episode, Hugh Davies opens the 1972 Schramsberg that Nixon took to China for the “Toast to Peace”. Viewers also watch as Molly Chappellet and her son, Dominic, share a moment as they raise a glass together of the Chenin Blanc that she’s always adored. Season 1 is full of heart-warming stories. Like Carole Meredith and Steve Lagier, who share their triumph and tragedies, as well as the funny dance they do together in the vineyard. Paul Draper and Eric Baugher at Ridge open historic bottles from over the decades. And Carlo Mondavi at RAEN talks about his family’s history and his work with sustainable farming on the Sonoma coast.

Season 2 of Verticals

Season 2 is now in full swing with extraordinary access to never told before stories. Episodes include Tara Gomez, a Native American winemaker in Santa Ynez, California, and Pierre Peters with sixth-generation winemaker Roldolphe Peters in Champagne. Viewers will also see the Martinelli family in Sonoma, who makes wine from vines over 100 years old. We also shine the spotlight on the historic winery Mayacamas in Napa, in addition to Paul Hobbs, who makes wine in multiple countries. Featured episodes also dive into the story of Clos du Val origins. And for the first time, filming access was given inside the estate of Lafite Rothschild.

Every episode of Verticals dives into some of the world’s rarest and most story driven wine bottles. Each episode showcases the beginning, the triumphs, the hard work, and the tribulations. The human condition shines in each bottle of wine. Watch Verticals only on SOMM TV to share the passion for wine shown in each of these stories. If you’re not a subscriber yet, use code SOMM_MAG for 50% off your first 3 months.

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