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History of Wine Podcast: Chile

History of Wine Podcast: Chile

History of Wine Podcast

In this premiere episode of the History of Wine Podcast, Matthew Kaner chats to Julio Bouchon Jr., Executive Director of Bouchon Family Wines and Longaví Wines. Together, they discuss the history of wine in Chile.

The Bouchon family story began in Chile in 1887. That’s when Emile Bouchon immigrated from Arveyres, France, to the Colchagua Valley to work as a winemaker adviser. Throughout Emile’s career, he passed his passion for wine to his grandson, Julio. Julio Bouchon Sr., born in Chile, left to study oenology in Bordeaux, France. After returning to Chile in the 1970s, he settled in the Maule Valley. There, he found the perfect property for the Bouchon wine-growing project. 

Today, the fourth generation of the Bouchon family carries the winemaking tradition in the Maule Valley. Led by Julio Bouchon Jr., their goal is to create distinctive, terroir-drive wines.

Bouchon continues to draw upon winemaking traditions in Chile while focusing on progress. In 2018, Bouchon began managing its vineyard with a focus on organic principles. And in the cellar, sustainable initiatives were implemented. Examples include the use of lightweight bottles and strict limitations on water usage during winemaking. Bouchon Family Wines is Certified Sustainable by Wines of Chile. 

In Chile, winemaking dates as far back as the 16th century. In the podcast, Kaner and Bouchon discuss how it all began with the Spanish. Plus, the surprising discovery surrounding Carménère. 

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