Ellen Clifford

Ellen Clifford is a writer, actor and podcaster based in Los Angeles. She holds a Diploma with the WSET and is a certified sommelier. When not hunting for her next glass of Tavel, she can be found reading about brains, dancing, and devouring both cookbooks and the things she makes from them.

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what are puttunyos
Do We Still Need to Know What Puttonyos Are?

The short answer is yes, puttonyos are relevant and should still be part of wine…

inoculating for malolactic fermentation
To Inoculate or Not: 5 Winemakers Weigh In on the Polarizing Process

Malolactic fermentation, or MLF, is an important step in winemaking. Some winemakers start the process by…

malolactic fermentation
So You Think You Know Malo? 5 Surprising Facts About Malolactic Fermentation

You know it, you love it—particularly when notes of butter are prominent while blind tasting…