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Matthew Kaner Picks: 5 Wines in a Can

Matthew Kaner Picks: 5 Wines in a Can

wine in a can

Wine in a can is perfect for summer in its 250mL packaging, looking crisp and delicious. Canned wine first arrived on the scene in the early 2000s when the Coppola Family had plans to debut their new Sofia sparkling wine in a single-serve bottle. But, they couldn’t find the perfect glass solution, which led them to try – THE CAN! 

As sleek and stylish as it looks, the new packaging approach took some convincing before mass adoption. Stelvin enclosures (screw-cap) took decades to catch on as well. The first wine under a screw cap was bottled in 1976. There are still people who cringe when they see one today. 

So, now that it’s the season for getting outside, wine in a can is the go-to drink for imbibing at the beach, on a boat, or a hike. And while we don’t condone breaking the rules, one could sneak a can into the movie theatre (shhh) or the back of the bus (even more shhh). Grab and walk on the boardwalk, sip during a leisurely bike ride, crack one open at a family bbq, or enjoy after a long day.

We don’t need any excuses to open a delicious can of wine. Here are my picks for wines in a can to seek out.


Rosé, Sparkling White, Sparkling Rosé, and Red Blend

The canned wines are curated by CEO and Sommelier Kristin Olszewski (who also happens to be a great friend of mine), and they are out of L.A. It’s been amazing to watch this brand blossom when canned wine was NOT garnering mass adoption.

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Xarmant Txakoli wine in a can
Artomaña Txakolina 

Xarmant Txakoli 2020 Spain

Txakolina (chah-kuh-leena) is a delightful wine. It’s amusing to say and tastes fantastic. The slight spritz is fun on the palate and great for a hot summer day. The limey fruit and kiss of acidity make it perfect for oysters or sharp cheeses. The Basque knows what’s up in Northern Spain! You won’t be able to tip just one back.

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Lubanzi Chenin Blanc wine in a can

Chenin Blanc 2020 South Africa

What’s old is new again when it comes to Chenin Blanc. Previous generations in and around Paarl, Stellenbosch, and the Swartland regions of South Africa had abandoned their Chenin plantings (previously called Steen). But today, those old vines are coveted by a new generation. We see a Chenin revolution, and now it extends to the can! Vibrant, zippy, clean fruit and a touch of minerality. Chenin – done right! Enjoy with mussels, sea bass, linguine with clams, or shrimp scampi.

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Roots Wine Co.

Klee Pinot Noir 2018 Oregon

Many moons ago, during my days in retail, I used to sell both Roots & Klee wines, and boy, was I excited to see when the Klee cuvée was available in a can! Delicate fruit, a clean minerality, and a supple texture allow you to enjoy it chilled or at room temperature with so many different styles of food. It would crush with a watermelon & feta salad, cheese & charcuterie board, or even with roast chicken.

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Scarpetta Frico Lambrusco wine in a can

Frico Lambrusco NV Italy

Sparkling red wine is about as fun as it gets. I love all that Bobby Stuckey & Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson touch – whether it’s their restaurant empire in Boulder & Denver, Colorado (FrascaPizzeria LocaleTavernetta), or the wines they’ve been crafting in Northeastern Italy since 2007 under the Scarpetta label. I love Lambrusco! It makes my heart happy, and seeing it in a personal size makes my face light up. Have it with roast chicken, bbq, steak, on its own, or with a cigar. You’ll thank us.

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