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History of Wine Podcast: Mexico

History of Wine Podcast: Mexico

History of Wine Podcast

In this episode of the History of Wine Podcast, Matthew Kaner chats to Taylor Grant, Co-Owner of TRESOMM Wine. Together, they discuss the history of wine in Mexico. When the Spanish Missionaries landed in Mexico, they left behind their language and their love of the vine.

As a former sommelier, Grant has worked in some of LA’s top restaurants, including Osteria Mozza and Scopa Italian Roots. She was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s Sommeliers of the Year in 2019. She also holds her Advanced Level Certification with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

In 2017, Grant and some friends made a trip to the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, Mexico. They went to explore the wines of the region, and during their trip, they tasted the wines of Bodegas Magoni. Founded by Julio Magoni in the 1960s, the group drew inspiration from the area’s history and ended up partnering with the Magoni family to produce TRESOMM wines. Today, its portfolio consists of organically-farmed varieties, including Grignoliño, Aligoté, and Touriga Nacional.

The history of wine in Mexico first began in the 16th century by the Spanish. The country is the oldest wine-growing region in the Americas. The Mexican winemaking industry was small, limited to production for Church purposes for most of recent history. With the advancement of winemaking technologies in the 1970s, Mexican wine grew and now includes French, Spanish, and Italian varieties.

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