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SOMM TV Cast: Dry January, Yay or Nay?

SOMM TV Cast: Dry January, Yay or Nay?

From festivities and fireworks to detox and diets, January is a natural time to allow our bodies to reset. For some, all that’s needed is to reassess and adjust what we put in our bodies. For others, it’s a complete deprivation from the delicious food and drinks we enjoyed the month(s) prior. Enter, Dry January.

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of the inception of Dry January. It began in 2012 as an initiative by Alcohol Change UK, a British charity, urging healthier habits, from sleeping to spending money. 

For the SOMM TV cast, a group that fully immerses themselves in wine for a living, it’s a challenging concept to back fully. Much like any fad diet or gimmicky health trend, is eliminating an entire food or drink category truly beneficial?

So we asked them whether they were on board with the concept. The overwhelming response was to condone moderation at all times of the year and do what’s best for one’s well-being.

Dry January: Yay or Nay?

Absolutely NOT! I support everyone’s choices to consume EVERYTHING, wine included, in moderation. For me, it’s nay. Wine is community and joy and fellowship for me. I have no desire to give that up, not even for a month. – Shakera Jones

I understand why people go for dry January, especially after the holidays. But I’m more about moderation (most of the time). —Maryam Ahmed

I’m sure I could use a Dry January, but “nay” for me. Like with dieting, I don’t personally believe in cutting anything out cold turkey unless it’s seriously detrimental to you. Limiting alcohol to only weekends or limiting the number of drinks you have is much more balanced and attainable. But hey, go for it! —Claire Coppi

Good lord, no. January is for beach vacations, margaritas, and gearing up for the year ahead. “Dry” should only describe fine wine. January should be the month where you see how far into it you can still say “Happy New Year” to people without it seeming weird. The two have nothing in common. And I like it that way. —Jonah Beer

Personally, nay, but I have a LOT of respect for those who can go an entire month without drinking. —Matthew Kaner

I try to be sure to take a few days off every week without alcohol. Often, I’ll go a week or two at a time without drinking too. However, I often taste as part of my job. I don’t participate in month-long commitments like Dry January, but I support the effort for those that feel it’s important to take that time for themselves.  —Elaine Chukan Brown

I like recovering after the holidays but don’t like to rule out an educational tasting if one comes up, so I do something resembling a damp January. —Meghan Zobeck

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