Jillian Dara

Jillian Dara is a freelance journalist focusing on wine, spirits, travel, and culture. She loves reporting on the intersection of them all, particularly recognizing the whimsical power of a local culinary experience or regional wine to bond strangers in the most chance of circumstances. Jillian enjoys sipping a bold Carménère, discovered while living in Santiago, Chile, as much as she appreciates a mineral-forward Albariño.

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port production
Why Port Production Is Down, but Its Quality Is Up

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Sparkling Sangiovese: A New Way to Drink Rosé

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7 Sustainable Boxed Wines to Drink This Holiday Season 

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Georgian wine
The Georgian Wine That’s Influencing Global Wine Trends

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How Krug x Single Ingredient Boosts Community and Sustainability

In 2015, the House of Krug launched Krug x Single Ingredient, honoring the legendary ethos…

wine storage tips
4 Basic Wine Storage Tips for Regular Wine Drinkers

For many wine enthusiasts, collecting and storing wine is an art form, a skill. But…