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SOMM TV Cast: Holiday Drinks We’re Sipping This Year

SOMM TV Cast: Holiday Drinks We’re Sipping This Year

SOMM TV Cast Holiday Drinks

From aged wines to colorful cocktails – the holidays are a time to ramp up the excitement when it comes to beverages. Take a seat, seltzer. Have a break from beer. It’s time to pop some bubbly or experiment with what’s on the bar cart. If now isn’t the time for Jingle Juice, when is?

Our SOMM TV cast members know how to do it right. This year, they’re opening, sipping, and cherishing moments – with the best of the best.

Read ahead for the SOMM TV cast’s preferred holiday drinks over the 2021 festive season.

I’m not going anywhere this year so I’ll probably crack something casual like a methuselah (6L) of Ca’ del Bosco. 😉 —Meghan Zobeck

*Editor’s Note: to find out how Meghan got her hands on a methuselah of Ca’ del Bosco, watch SPARKLERS, available now on SOMM TV.

For the holidays, I like to focus on Champagne. It’s a special drink and one of my first loves in wine. Also, magnums – they’re such a celebratory size for wine. A friend gifted me a magnum of 2010 Quintessa. We’ll be opening it on Christmas to enjoy during our meal with friends. —Elaine Chukan Brown

Eggnog, sorrel, bourbon, lots of Tempranillo. —Shakera Jones 

When I go back to Chicago for the holidays, I stay with my parents. My father and I have created a tradition of drinking Madeira together. We sip while catching up or revisiting memories of our family from the past. I always look forward to that time – and Madeira! – with him. —Claire Coppi

Lots of sparkling wine. And gin martinis, for balance. —Maryam Ahmed

To me, the holidays are all about who you are drinking with more than what you are drinking. I am so grateful that I’ll be popping 2016 Diego Morra Monvigliero Barolo with DLynn Proctor and 2019 Joannès Violot-Guillemard Meursault with Meghan Zobeck in the weeks to come. And whatever impressive Grand Crus fall out of the cellar of Armen Khachaturian when he’s feeling his usual, generous self. I wish my brother-from-another-mother Matthew Kaner were visiting Napa over the holidays because I am dying to teach him how to use a butter churn. New Year’s resolution, I guess. —Jonah Beer

I will be drinking some special Barolo bottlings this holiday season that I’ve been saving since my last trip to Italy in 2019. G.D. Vajra in particular! You can also bet I’ll be cracking lots of Champagne, Krug & Ruinat, especially because they were featured on SPARKLERS. It’s also the time of year I most want whiskey neat (or with one or two cubes) so watch out, unfinished bottles of Rye or Speyside. I’m coming for you! —Matthew Kaner

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