Carrie Dykes

Carrie Dykes is a wine, food and travel journalist living in the Hudson Valley. Her favorite part of the wine industry is exploring unsung regions and grapes, as seen in her feature on Petit Verdot and Petit Manseng in Virginia for Wine Enthusiast Magazine or her article for Afar on the wines of the Koshu Valley in Japan, among other works. Another aspect she loves is judging on competition panels. Besides wine and travel, her hobbies are finding treasures in thrift stores and forest floors.

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Is South African Sauvignon Blanc on the Precipice of Global Demand?

Sauvignon Blanc has long been in the shadows of Chenin Blanc in South Africa, but a shift…

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Old Region, New Tricks: A Languedoc AOP Climate Plan

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Transforming Lodi Zinfandel, A Journey From Cloyingly Sweet To Thoughtfully Balanced

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Beyond Cannonau: A Discovery of Sardinian Grape Varieties

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tea in winemaking
How a Mug of Rooibos Tea May Revolutionize Winemaking

“Where there’s tea, there is hope.” English playwright, Wing Pinero, may have been onto something…