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Decanting wine
A Quick and Easy Guide To Decanting Wine

There’s a lot of misinformation on decanting wine, including which wines to decant and when…

Steven Spurrier in the 1976 Judgment of Paris
‘Bottle Shock’ Versus What Actually Happened During the Judgment of Paris

Updated November 2023 When searching ‘Judgment of Paris’ on the internet, a Greek mythology story…

wine and coffee similarities
7 Similarities Between Wine and Coffee You Need To Know

Becoming an expert at something takes years of practice; this is a familiar notion for…

Red Wine Glass
Add a Chill to Your Red Wine for Easy Next-Level Deliciousness

Wine trends can be exhausting to keep on top of. Whether it’s canned, orange, natural, or…

Claire Coppi doing a wine tasting
The Secrets To Blind Wine Tasting Like a Pro

Blind wine tasting is somewhat of a prerequisite for many industry professionals. Those skilled and…