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SOMM TV Podcast: Wine Investment

SOMM TV Podcast: Wine Investment

Wine Investment Podcast

In this episode of the SOMM TV podcast, Jason Wise chats about wine investment with Anthony Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of Vinovest. Together, they discuss wines that will appreciate the most from established regions such as BurgundyChampagne, or Napa. Additionally, they dive into what people are drinking and investing in these days.

Vinovest is an online platform that connects wine lovers with the opportunity to invest in bottles they never thought possible. The Vinovest team includes world-class wine experts who can pinpoint investment-worthy bottles to add to a particular portfolio. The platform also provides the infrastructure for proper storing and ensuring optimal returns. It’s wine investing for those that don’t have the know-how or the cellar space to invest independently.

As an impassioned appreciator of wine, Jason challenges Anthony throughout the podcast to justify buying wine for investing. For many, wine is for drinking. For others, investment bottles are financially out of grasp. Anthony breaks down the pros and cons of wine investing and supports his reasoning with positive growth outside of the stock market. 

For more on Vinovest and its team of experts, visit There, you’ll find some familiar faces from the SOMM films, including DLynn Proctor and Dustin Wilson.

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